Charmaine Ortiz: Cast paper sculpture

This North Carolina artist exhibits her work both nationally and internationally and has earned various fellowships and residency grants to further her practice. 

Her website work statement describes (in part) the core of her creativity being that of drawing and working with graphite.  Her focus is very much on the no. 2 pencil and she makes her own pencils from raw materials.   Her site goes on to say “The resulting objects and prompts deconstruct the act of drawing to reveal the interconnections between the performance of mark making and the resulting object, drawing vs. the drawing“.

Here we are looking at her work on cast paper to form objects of drawing.  She states that they are very much experimental and she continues to learn much through the ongoing process.

Above: Top row – some of her pieces in the Mirror Image series.
Second row, left to right – Wall Loop and Single-Burr Roundabout.

More of her work, including projects, installations and exhibitions can be found on the links below.



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