Patrick Cabral: Paper Sculpture

As part of an ongoing series to highlight various endangered species, Manila-based paper artist Patrick Cabral has created a range of amazing cut paper portraits of tigers, pandas, pangolins, elephants and other threatened animals. The multi-layered works are cut by hand and incorporate decorative flourishes and patterns into the face of each animal.

Left: Tamaraw Right: Dhole

These stunningly detailed creations are meticulously cut, with extreme attention to detail, before assembling and showcasing the structure within each layer.  This is very evident when taking a close-up look at the tiger image below.

Tiger & close-up


Not only has he understood the facial formations of the various animals but he has added his own design flair into their construction.

The piece shown here is a perfect example.  Elephants are routinely painted and adorned for ceremonial purposes around the world and his patterning seems to point to this.

His work is not only confined to this series, but he does appear to concentrate on the animal form in general.  Below is an image of a deer which gives an idea of the scale of the carving.  With no particular adornment included he has formed a more solid piece, but one which is no less engaging.

And a couple of other lovely pieces:

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