Feeling in the doldrums, need a bit of creative encouragement?

It’s time to get moving ………………….

Nancy Crawford is an artist and creativity coach who inspires people to explore their own creative process.  Her blog The Creative Commitment is a delight as she explores setting creative goals, breaking through creative blocks, creativity through play, procrastination busters and much more.

Her latest post 10 ways to ignite your creativity … and keep it lit! is a must read for those feeling a little less enthused or stimulated, those who have minds turning to mush without a single idea or even a seed-of-an-idea percolating away (and that’s not uncommon).  So CLICK HERE to read her fun tips and to remind you why we all do what we love – when we can.

As an added bonus she has created, with the help of one of her students, a superb printable poster to pin up in your studio (spare room, workroom, garage, shed …… wherever your inventiveness occurs) to keep you on the right track.  CLICK HERE to download your copy – and enjoy.


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    Great stuff!

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