Recycling blankets with Jill Elias

The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children was founded in 1880 and was known at that point as ‘The Sydney Hospital for Sick Children’.  In January 1904 its name was changed when King Edward Vll allowed the word Royal to be used and his consort, Queen Alexandra, gave the use of her name.

It appears that the original hospital was housed at Glebe Point and, when it outgrew the premises, it moved to Camperdown.  The hospital was eventually relocated to its current location in Westmead where it is commonly known as The Children’s Hospital at Westmead’ although the official name of ‘Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children’ is retained.

Our member, Jill Elias, worked at the hospital whilst it was in Camperdown, along with a friend who was the pharmacist.  When the hospital closed – to be relocated – some of the cotton blankets were destined to be thrown away and Jill’s friend gave her one.  She has kept it ever since and has now decided to turn it into paper.

Starting by cutting it up into strips, followed by smaller pieces, Jill then put these into the beater to pulp.  At our recent social day she started creating the sheets of paper.

Her aim is to produce a range of A4 sized paper which will be donated to the hospital in Westmead where it can be sold in the gift shop, with all proceeds then going to the hospital.

Recycling at its best, demonstrating that something old and unwanted, destined to become landfill, can be re-purposed and used for the good of many.

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3 Responses to Recycling blankets with Jill Elias

  1. Angela says:

    That’s fabulous Jill. What a wonderful thing to do.

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