Mixed Media in a Day with Liz Powell

This Primrose Paper Arts workshop was fully booked and everyone turned up with materials and ideas galore.  It didn’t take long to get tables set-up, aprons on and hands into the products.

Being a techniques based workshop as opposed to a project based one (where a specific item is made, such as a book) we had the opportunity to play with a lot of products we were unfamiliar with: a variety of inks, oil sticks, pastels, walnut ink, shoe polish, shellac, dry colour pigments, various types of paints, collage, aluminium foil and more – even incorporating plant material.

It was a day of ‘giving it all a go’ without any specific outcome expectations.  This ensured everyone felt comfortable trying all the available combinations of layering colours, papers, foils, waxes, varnishes and whatever else they could put their hands on, without stressing about unifying a particular artwork.  An excellent way to experiment.

Attending workshops is a marvelous way to learn new techniques.  Buying a book, seeing step-by-step instructions is also fun but being in a class where everyone brings their own unique perspective, their own stash to add to the tutor supplies and their own interpretation of how to assemble and create is something so valuable.  You can’t beat the tips and tricks you learn from both the tutor and the other participants.  And this class was no exception – concentration was high and experimentation was seriously underway ……..

Here are a few bits being worked on:

And below are some of the samples at the end of the day.  Are they ‘finished’?  Well, that’s up to the individual artist to decide!

Our member, Claire, has posted a further review detailing her progress throughout the day.  Click here to read what she has to say about the class on her own blog.

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2 Responses to Mixed Media in a Day with Liz Powell

  1. Barb Adams says:

    This looks like a great day. Well done Liz and participants. Barb Adams


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