Sydney Origami Convention 2016

Last year we gave a heads up about the October 2016 Origami Convention and it looks like it was very well attended with plenty of fun and some excellent paper sculptures coming out of it.

We are delighted to showcase some of the photos of works sent to us by Edric Hong.

Just to give some context to the photos: there were some incredible young talents (12 – 15 yo) who folded some highly intricate models such as a dragon and an eagle. Exquisite!

Above left: The red paper train ticket cube was made by the beginners group on the day.
Above right: Winnie Leung, the club president, folded the family of Snow Monkeys.

Edric made the lovely kiwi birds above and also the crane, which was a project for an insurance company commercial campaign.  Two other participants (Steven and Stephen) made the dog (that’s clearly a Schnauzer, isn’t it?) and the red fiery dragon.

Webmaster Note: OK, now I’m daunted.  I haven’t managed to master a Rubik’s Cube yet and these look way more complex!

Looks like everyone had a great day.

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2 Responses to Sydney Origami Convention 2016

  1. Winnie Leung says:

    Hi Primrose – This is Winnie Leung, president of Sydney Origami. Thanks for your lovely post about the event. A couple of little corrections / additions. The 2 kiwis were my design and folding, the 2 amazing masks (each from a single piece of paper) are by Joel Cooper from the USA. The elephant was designed by Gen Hagiwara (previously from Melbourne) and folded by me. The lovely colourful creations were folded by Diana Cardona, designed by various artists around the world.

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