Re-purposing Books

The Art of Cecilia Levy

This Swedish artist uses books from the beginning of last century, takes them apart, shreds or cuts them and puts them back together again in a new format.   The pieces are re-assembled into unique objects, eggshell thin, ensuring the stories live on but in a different way.

Originally a graphic designer and bookbinder Cecilia now works full-time as an independent artist, participating in both solo and group exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. 

Her three-dimensional experimentation with paper started in 2009 and she now produces a wide range of objects including plant forms, cups, plates, bowls, crockery place settings, boots & shoes, birds nests & eggs and much more.

It may sound sacrilegious to book-lovers, but her work is in fact a loving testament to literature.

See much more of her wonderful work by clicking on the resources below.


Note: Her own website  has a ‘website may have been hacked‘ warning.

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