March Social Day: A hive of industry!

Our social day was super busy with almost everyone opting to make paper, and using a different type or coloured pulp.

Clockwise from top left: Dinah pulped an old skirt that was given to her. Helen was making black paper from recycled mountboard, Jill was using pulped old hospital blankets (more about that project coming soon). There was also some plant fibre and finally, well, something dyed red that Lydia was having fun with – and, boy, was it red!  Can’t wait to see the finished paper.

Lou and Ang decided to be more restrained and turned out some lovely white sheets.  They were having fun, that’s for sure.

Helen’s paper is going to be used for her exhibition entry piece and she was all concentration!

And what lovely smooth paper she produced.

In our recent plant fibre pulping session Brenda cut up and cooked some Kangaroo Paw.  This social day gave her the opportunity to get it one stage further by putting it through the beater.

With the weather being kind to us, after what seems like weeks of rain, everyone was able to dry the finished sheets outside under screens.

All in all a very productive and fun day with everyone going home with something they produced.

Now let’s see what they do with it.



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