Focusing on: Robert Ives

Pictures in Paper Frames” is a fascinating artwork made by new Primrose Paper Arts member and printmaker, Robert Ives.

This series, using prints in individual paper frames, features in our members current exhibition on the Mezzanine Level at Primrose Arts & Craft Centre in Primrose Park, Cremorne.

Visiting a friend’s second-hand book stall Robert discovered some old glass negatives of early fashion shots from the 1900s which he exposed onto individual solar plates.  During the exposure process one of the glass negatives dropped and broke, making that image very intriguing (see below left image).

In the 1980s art photographers manipulated Polaroid photographs to change the colours and Robert decided to imitate this effect. 

In printing each solar plate image he used multicoloured inks to achieve that same look.

Using a discarded art-deco frame Robert then made a moulded plaster cast to form the paper picture frame for each coloured print.

And, of course, the whole art work is about paper.

Webmaster note: In my view both aspects of these artworks – the print and the moulded paper – complement each other equally.  These pieces simply wouldn’t have the same Wow factor without being combined.

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