Mezzanine display: Another sneak peek!

Enjoyed what you saw in our last post about our current work display at Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre?  Well here are a few more of the pieces to whet your appetite, but there is nothing like seeing the real thing.


Dinah Beeston, untitled


Various works by Claire Brach, Michele Day, Lydia Fegan, Dinah Beeston and Jill Elias

Michele Day

Michele Day

And now for something entirely different.

Michele is a fairly new member of Primrose Paper Arts and recently attended a beginners paper-making class.

We are thrilled to see this outstanding piece of hers on display as it showcases a variety of skills and paper-making techniques.  A lovely dimensional piece which projects forward around 2cm from the backboard.


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Currently the Web Master for Primrose Paper Arts is Claire Brach
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  1. dibrandt030 says:

    thanks dinah. lovely work..Diana

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