In association with the 2017 Australian National Conference of Bookbinders. The best work of international bookbinders paired with the best work of Australia’s established bookbinders and ‘rising stars’ to change perceptions about the craft of bookbinding and to demonstrate how traditional craft skills can be used to produce dynamic and vibrant contemporary works.


Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre
Level 1, North Building, 180 London Circuit
Canberra, ACT

Open: Tuesday – Friday from 10am – 5pm
and Saturday 12pm – 4pm

Here is an exhibition of books, and some have come from afar: poised and posed, their outer finery is peacocked here for your pleasure. Fine, so fine. Spend time admiring them, for that is their purpose. Like all books, they connect the eye, the hand and the mind, but in this case it is your eyes, someone else’s hands, and many minds.

Exploring Japanese Books & Scrolls

Joy Tonkin, Exploring Japanese Books & Scrolls

Your eyes should stroke them, pause upon small details, and feast upon the various materials. Your mouth may perhaps water: the binding descriptions read like a degustation menu. Red box calf; Morocco leather; handmade tricolor silk headbands; goatskin doublures; suede pastedowns; buffalo leather; half-frame binding with ostrich leg and crocodile suede, moose leather, Exocarpus cupressiformis dyed linen thread… it’s all quite delicious (or perhaps repulsive, depending upon your relationship with eating animals). There are touches of contemporary experimentation with materials and techniques such as Tyvek (a plastic paper), laser printing, extruded plastic, Perspex, graphite and solar printing.

The First Folio of Shakespeare: The Norton Facsimile

The First Folio of Shakespeare: The Norton Facsimile

Occasionally your eye may light upon a flaw: remember that this is a human craft, an intricate process of many stages, each one full of potential for misadventure, each achieved through care and skill. As with all hand-made things, what you are seeing is a souvenir, an artefact of the process, of the binder’s own experience in working on the object; once the object is made, it is out of their hands and mind and hopefully into the hands of the collector.

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