Thursday in the studio & mezzanine display

by Dinah Beeston


Rhonda having fun!

On Thursday a group of members gathered at the studio and what a fun day we had.

Rhonda was having her first papermaking lesson with Jill, learning all the tricks to making paper using recycled white paper and then some plant fibre pulp.

I think it’s the second time she’s been in the studio and she made some lovely paper and then started another project – see the photo.

We did warn her about the dangers of dipping her fingers in a vat full of pulp but unfortunately I think she’s caught the bug and is now hooked – we’ll see more of Rhonda around the studio!

Dinah was working on a piece to send in to the Hearts for Parkinsons exhibition.


Louise Gilchrist, sculpture

A few members dropped in their work for the Mezzanine display.

At the end of the day Jill set up the display and what a great exhibition it is – a wonderful display of various ways that members use paper – handmade, commercial and a mixture of both.

Dinah Beeston, book art

Dinah Beeston, book art

It is well worth a visit.


Left: Claire Brach, Pearl highway. Right: Lydia Fegan, artist book

This is just a snippet of what we currently have on show at Primrose Park.

All photos except Pearl Highway by Dinah Beeston.
Pearl Highway photographed by Claire Brach.

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Currently the Web Master for Primrose Paper Arts is Claire Brach
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