Paper: A sculptural form

We were delighted to receive a photograph of a finished piece made by one of our participants in our recent Paper Moulded Forms workshop, held in conjunction with Mosman Art Gallery.


Jan brought a ceramic bowl with a nice pattern of ridges on the outside but we weren’t sure whether the paper would come off the bowl when it was dry.  Paper will shrink as it dries and so will cling to the outside of a bowl (but move away from the bowl when on the inside).  Jan proceeded anyhow and here is the result.

In her own words “I managed to remove my paper bowl off the ceramic one. It took quite a lot of force (suggested by Brenda L at the Ruth Faerber talk at MAG on Sunday – “be quite rough with it”) and it worked. Very happy.

Webmaster note:  I saw this being constructed and was very interested in the process.  Jan started by using the mold and deckle to make plain white sheets and then pressed them.  Whilst still wet, but fully formed, she tore pieces from the sheets and, using a papier maché technique, she slowly and carefully covered the exterior of the bowl.  Overlapping and smoothing the torn pieces enabled her to obtain a unified textural surface without obvious distinctions between the collaged pieces.  A lovely result with an appealing ‘ragged’ freeform lip.  Time I had a go at this myself.


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