Plant fibre paper making: Strelitzia

sp1Under Jill’s tutelage Claire had her first go at making plant fibre paper.  Using prepared Strelitzia as shown in our previous post she took the cooked, rinsed and bagged fibres home to finish off the process.

Having borrowed a portable press enabled her to make sheets up to A4 size.


The fibres were pulped ready for use.


The sheets were formed and pressed as Dinah had done with her ginger paper.  After an hour the press was released and the paper allowed to dry.

Let’s see how they came out compared to the original samples shown by Jill:


Left: Original samples by master paper-maker and educator Jill. Right: Strelitzia paper sheets by Claire.

We think both sets are a huge success.  They have good texture, fibre inclusions giving a flecked appearance to the surface, smooth and even weight throughout with good shaping.  Jill has achieved more consistency in weight throughout her set, whereas Claire hasn’t yet managed this.  Some of her sheets are a heavier weight than others and some edgings are a little ragged but overall a good outcome for her first attempt – and very usable of course.


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2 Responses to Plant fibre paper making: Strelitzia

  1. Nola says:

    Looks great – am loving the papers being achieved here!


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