Exhibition/Collection: Lizzie Buckmaster Dove

By Claire Brach

This week I’ve been lucky enough to see the works of a couple of different paper artists held in a private collection.

lbd1Unfortunately the write-up of the pieces I’m showing here is extremely scant but, from viewing them, I can confirm that the pieces produced by the artist comprise either folded or cut paper work.

The books used were secondhand and the sculptures made either during or pre-2010.  All, except the one shown to the left, were yellowed and spotted with age but, remarkably, have kept their cut/formed shapes.  I can only assume the pages have been adhered in place.

lbd2The paperwork I received made no mention of the folded works.  They may look simple but the way they were displayed, individually along a wall each with their own spotlight, helped to add some focal interest and enticed the viewer to get closer and examine the text as well as the folding.

On the artist’s website, in her early works section, there are some quite dynamic artworks showcasing rolled cylinders of paper.  Her current work has veered in a completely different direction altogether and she has become much more of a large-scale sculptor.

The brochure I received states:

There are a total of eight books that have been masterfully altered to reflect a selection of the bird species that are found within the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

This is describing the cut books which I found quite fascinating.


The photos have been taken from a slight side angle which enables the viewer to appreciate the depth of cutting involved to create these bird shapes.  However, don’t assume that the cutting is a straight-cut through every layer as that is not the case at all.  The expertise of the knife is that it has been used in a slanting manner and the lower layers that can be seen in the pictures above appear almost as shading when standing directly in front but some distance away from the pieces.  Below I’ve marked these effects with arrows so you can appreciate the precision of the cuts to form the effect.



These cut books were intermingled with the folded ones and I found the display to be well spaced and lit.  The discolouring of the books, clearly indicating age, fit well with the old style dark wood solid furniture in the room and the whole scene was pleasing.

When looking further at Lizzie Buckmaster Dove I spent some time going through her website and was pleased to see that the ‘positive’ cutouts from these books appear as part of an exhibition entitled “Still Light” from 2010 which was held in Chippendale.  It’s even possible to read the text on some of them.  Looking at the positive shapes, instead of my photos of the area surrounding the spaces in the books, gives a better indication of the detail in her cutting.

Note: Whilst at the venue I was also able to see quite a lot of papier-mâché vessels by James Blackwell.  Click here to see these and read a review.

Photos by Claire Brach from Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort collection

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