Primrose Paper Arts Exhibition: Memory

memory-1Our members have contributed some quality pieces to our current exhibition which is on throughout November at Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre.  As the venue is not open daily to the public, and we are eager to share our art with everyone, we are showcasing some of the pieces here.

Not all works have explanatory artist statements so some images are without artist comment.  Just enjoy them as they are!!

Some of our works can be seen in an earlier blog post here.


Dinah Beeston: Omoidenoki, found objects. Memories of life in Japan.

The range covers wall art, sculptures, dioramas, freeform hangings and handmade books.  Techniques are varied, with excellent examples of embossing. colouring and shaping highly evident.




Chris Hutch: This is a reminder of some wonderful camping holidays at Pretty Beach on the south coast of NSW, between the forest and the sea

The stunning screen above stands around 1.8m high and is the largest feature in the exhibition.


Above left: Marie’s memory is commemorated in her handmade paper segments echoing her sensibility for nature.  This is supported by Suzie’s detailed drawing of stones and water colour blocks.  We have collaborated in our shared love of landscape.
Above right: Jill Elias – Dementia, One of Life’s Puzzles.

Photos & review: Claire Brach


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Currently the Web Master for Primrose Paper Arts is Claire Brach
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