25th Anniversary Open Day:

od1Yesterday we opened our doors to the public.  We invited them to come and see what we do, to have a go at various paper related activities and even make some paper.

It was a fun day and people of all ages dipped their hands into the pulp, eager to see how to form their own sheets.  (My guess is) the youngest would have been around 4 years old with, at the other end of the scale, a newly retired school teacher – who had taught for 38 years.

od2Our member Sue brought along her calligraphy tools and demonstrated this art.  She explained her very interesting pen, with an internal cartridge, and how to position the flat-line nib to create the different effects.

Louise brought some containers with all sorts of goodies in so visitors could collage their own Christmas cards, concentrating on both colour and placement to give great results.



Brenda had developed a fabulous technique for quickly making small notebooks.  She had all the supplies, with many choices of cover design, and then showed how to construct them.  Just the right size to fit in your handbag when you need to jot something down!

Note: And, yes, that is Brenda Livermore, the artist featured in our previous post with her woven vessels in the Ebb and Flow exhibition.  A lady of many talents.

Earlier in the year Primrose Paper Arts ran a workshop on Joomchi (Korean paper making technique) and our member, Mandy, took a liking to it.  She arrived yesterday with many pieces she had made and throughout the day she continued to layer, wet, manipulate and torture – Oops! I mean throw layers of thin tissue-like paper until they combined, crumpled and shrunk into new colourways with distinct patterning.


Mandy, with her array of designs and, of course, the obligatory cup of tea in the background!

It was a good reminder of the technique to all of us who had attended the class and a great introduction to it for those who had not.  Note: More information on Joomchi will be coming in future posts.

Paper sheets were formed, pressed and laid out to dry in the sun – under screens so they wouldn’t fly away once dry.


And, of course, the membership contributed to the sales area.  Packs of beautifully colour coordinated paper and cards of every type.


And what about our ‘Memory’ exhibition which is currently on show?  Look out for some pictures in our next blog post.

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