Workshop: Drypoint Paper Plate Printing with Peta Lloyd

Review by Dinah Beeston

I didn’t imagine that you could actually make a printing plate out of paper – I always thought of them as lino, wood or metal. However, Peta Lloyd came down from Rockhampton to teach us how to do dry point paper plate printing and we certainly squeezed a lot into the two day workshop.


pl2First we learnt how to mark the paper plate with a sharp blade, an awl, sandpaper, onion bags and just about anything else that would leave an imprint on the plate. Then we learnt how to colour the plate so we would have enough ink but not too much – a very delicate balance and demanding a lot of hard rubbing. By the end of day one everyone had at least one print to show for all their hard work.

Then we learnt about some other techniques we could use to develop our prints including hand colouring, stitching, piercing, and transfers from photocopies.


On day two we spent some time creating monoprints using cardboard cut-out designs, lace, leaves, etc and finding out how many prints we could get from a single inking – pl3-jillI think we managed to get about five different images by taking off layers of texture and adding them back on in a different position. pl3-louiseThis process was great fun – and a little easier than the paper plate – and could be used with our original print or as the basis of a different work. We also learnt how to do chine-colle which is a technique of attaching a thin piece of paper and then printing over it in one process.

Peta was a great tutor who was so willing to share her knowledge and had time to encourage each person to try something different – there was lots of experimenting over the weekend. At the end of day two the combined work of all the students showed how much Peta had taught us and where these techniques could lead.

Here are a few more of the pieces we created:


A very busy but satisfying workshop where I learnt so many new techniques – thank you Peta.

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4 Responses to Workshop: Drypoint Paper Plate Printing with Peta Lloyd

  1. barbaraschey says:

    Sounds a lot more fun than that awful jelly plate!!!


  2. Claire B says:

    Wish I could have been there but I was stuck on a stand at an industry Expo for the whole weekend. Really looked like everyone had fun and I hope some of what they learned will rub off on me!


  3. Peta Lloyd says:

    Thank you Primrose Paper Arts for inviting me to your studio to teach a little about the dry point paper plate process. It is a humble plate compared to a lino, wood or metal plate, however beautiful prints can be produced from it. I really like the softness of line that a paper plate produces. I do hope you all continue to experiment with paper plate printing and the intaglio process. Peta


  4. travelsales1 says:

    Lovely review Dinah – sorry I Missed the second day, I really enjoyed Day 1. Suzie

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