Kids holiday workshop

kw1On Thursday we had a small but very enthusiastic group of children at the studio for the holiday papermaking workshop.

Our member, Jill Elias, showed them how to make plain A5 sheets of paper in white and yellow pulp, and then they were let loose with orange, purple and blue pulp and given smaller moulds to use on their plain sheets.

Jill took them out to the park to look for flowers and leaves that they could include in their papers – they put some in the pulp and laid others on the papers before they went through the press.


There were also lots of small cutouts that they could use to decorate their papers.


It is inspiring working with children because they are so free with their imagination and their creativity and these young girls made some wonderful papers.


Text & photographs: Dinah Beeston


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2 Responses to Kids holiday workshop

  1. chris hutch says:

    Great work Jill. x


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