Mail Art Project – “Association of Cyprus Paper Artists”

In 2015  the Association of Cyprus Paper Artists was formed and, one year on, they invited all paper artists worldwide to be part of their first anniversary by sending a birthday card.  A size was stipulated but techniques were left to the imagination of the individual artists.


The postcard collection is to be exhibited both in a gallery and on the IAMPA website homepage.

ri1In response to the call for entries our member, Robert Ives, responded by getting out the blender and starting to make paper pulp ready for painting.

Robert Says “My image of a sulphur crested cockatoo was inspired by the David Hockney ‘Pool’ book from the Primrose Paper Art library.  I decided to use a coloured pulp paper technique to draw the design onto my base of cotton rag paper.”

Having sketched a basic outline Robert then created a template, based on the idea of a ‘cookie cutter’.  This was carefully placed over the pre-formed, and pressed, white base paper and the pulp was applied either by hand or from a squeezy bottle.


His result shows very effective paper pulp painting and how accurately colour can be applied to specific areas to form dynamic imagery.  This technique also demonstrates how differing pulps can be successfully combined in a single project, the sky area is denim pulp which is quite different from cotton rag or other coloured papers used.


Resources: – selected text & photos
Some text and photos kindly supplied by the artist.

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Currently the Web Master for Primrose Paper Arts is Claire Brach
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